tisdag 24 februari 2015

EJJP statement concerning the killings in Paris and Copenhagen

 - we are appalled by the recent events in France and Denmark and express solidarity with Jews, Muslims and all those who are under threat and who have protested against them.

- as Jewish groups we reiterate that we see ourselves as part of the societies where we live and reject the call from Prime Minister Netanyahu and others for Jews to emigrate to Israel.

- we consider that Netanyahu's self-serving motives undermine the links of solidarity that targeted minorities need to make with each other to resist racism and strengthen diversity in our societies. Netanyahu's utterances damage work to challenge racism and fascism in Europe.

- we reject the government of Israel's claim to speak on behalf of Jews everywhere. The policies of Israel, as most recently seen in Gaza, fuel anti-Semitism.

- we reiterate our support for a just peace based on international law and equal rights and express our support for those in Palestine and Israel fighting for this.

Brussels 21/2-2015

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